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Swing Arcus 2 RS

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Achieving new levels of flying without overreaching yourself – that was precisely our goal in developing the ARCUS 2 RS.

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… experience your next level!

Achieving new levels of flying without overreaching yourself – that was precisely our goal in developing the ARCUS 2 RS.

The ARCUS 2 RS is based on the very successful and proven NYOS RS. With a little less aspect ratio, a new, resilient material mix and a lot of attention to detail, we have completely revised the design and adapted it to pilots who feel most comfortable in the mid-B segment. With a full 57 cells, the elegant wing already visually underlines its performance claim, but the compact flight feeling immediately conveys familiarity with a high feel-good factor and promises pure flying fun.

  • Powerful mid-level B wing with 57 cells
  • Durable and lightweight material mix
  • RAST for more control and comfort

Who is the ARCUS 2 RS for?

Ambitious pilots who want to enter the B class, will feel just as comfortable under the ARCUS 2 RS as long-time licence holders and returnees from higher classes, for whom a high degree of passive safety with appealing performance is important.

You will feel the genes of its big brother, the NYOS RS, after the first revolutions in a thermal. Thanks to its extremely precise and direct handling, the ARCUS 2 RS takes you playfully to the top before giving you a glimpse of its performance potential on the transition. The stable canopy and optimised RAST system give you the confidence to try new things and fly further than ever before.


LTF homologationBBBB
CEN homologationBBBB
permissible weight range (kg) min./max. incl. Equipment55-7575-9585-10595-115110-135
recommended weight range (kg) min./max. incl. Equipment80-9592-105102-115115-135
Wing area (m²)25,026,82933
Projected wing area (m²)21,523,12528,4
Wing span (m)11,61212,513,3
Projected wing span (m)9,19,710,010,5
Aspect ratio5,45,45,45,4
Projected aspect ratio4,24,24,24,2
Glider weight (kg)4,85,15,45,8
Min. sink rate (m/s)**1,01,01,01,0
Max speed (km/h)**50±250±250±250±2
Trim speed (km/h)**38±138±138±138±1

* in process
** The performance data depend on the wing loading, the atmospheric conditions and the harness used, as well as the pilot position


Arcus 2 RS

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions70 × 40 × 20 cm

S, M, L, XS, XL


Flame, Lime, Nightshade, OCEAN




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