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AirDesign Volt 4


The AirDesign Volt 4 is an affordable glider, exceptional performance, hyperlight and longevity of a normal glider

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AirDesign Volt 4 – #speedmachine

How to describe the Volt 4…

…in one word?
…in one image?
The power you feel when witnessing a thunderstorm.
…in one dream?
Flying with a 2-liner is not a dream anymore! Go for it!

Performance: To another level in EN C.

Needed piloting skills: Same as previous Volt’s, an entry EN C glider.

Light: As light as X-Alps gliders. But with a normal glider longevity.

An affordable glider, exceptional performance, hyperlight and longevity of a normal glider

For every AD wing, we use a claim and a hashtag. For the Volt 4, we chose to stick to Electrifying performance and #speedmachine because it suits this fourth generation so well! It took us several years of development to finally design a package that fulfills our own requirements within the EN-C category. It’s not only the allowance to use folding lines in the EN-C-Class that made it possible to certify the Volt 4 in that category – there is much more than this to make a good EN-C glider. We are rather looking at the pilot demands and then trying to make the glider following them. Fulfilling the norm is just the final act

Stephan Stiegler

Construction & Features

  • Double coated Skytex, doubled seams and etching tape on edges: robustness is the key
  • Unsheathed but color-coded lines (Aramid, Edelrid 8000U)
  • 3.7mm Edelrid Taurus Dyneema risers
  • Full chord Nitinol rods not only saving weight and increasing robustness, but also allowing a super compact folding
  • Seamless razor edge trailing edge: all seams are internal for a cleaner surface

So far, 2-line glider technologies have been only used in advanced or competition gliders. With the Volt 4, AirDesign brings the benefits of the 2-liner to another level of pilots. With the passive safety of the EN-C class, the Volt in 2-liner brings you another level of performance with a new style of piloting. A far more stable leading edge will push you to use the bar even more, with a level of comfort, safety and confidence not known in the 3-liner brothers. Enjoy!

Area | Flat (m2)20,0521,5022,9424,6826,42
Area | Projected (m2)17,1718,4119,6521,1422,64
Span | Flat (m)11,4211,8212,2112,6713,11
Span | Projected (m)9,319,649,9610,3310,68
Aspect ratio | Flat6,56,56,56,56,5
Aspect ration | Projected5,045,045,045,045,04
Total line Length209216221230238
Weight (kg)3,263,513,744,024,31
Start weight (kg)60-7370-8280-9288-10399-115
EN Category**EN-C**

* Certification in progress


The colors presented in the pictures and in the movie are not definitive. Here are the final color schemes:
Colors Volt 4


  • Glider
  • AirPack 50/50
  • Details
  • Manual i stickers

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions70 × 40 × 20 cm





Sky, Lime


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