Speedbar release Charly HKar141


Pattented speedbar release system specific for work together with Charly Quickout binners manitaining the speedbar system functional.

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The Brummel hook separation system is recommended when the harness and the paraglider are connected by means of Brummel hooks.

The existing Brummel hooks on the harness are replaced by the special speed system Brummel hooks. To be able to attach the speed system Brummel hooks, the speed system cords must each have a loop at the end.

Speed system cords made of Dyneema with spliced loop are included with the rummel hook separation system.

These can be used provided they can be attached to the installed speedbar.

Alternatively, the speed system cords already present on the harness can be used if it is possible to remove the Brummel hooks attached to them.

If the existing speed system cords are not yet equipped with loops, loops with a length of about 3 cm can be knotted in.

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