Charly Quickout


Price is for 1 pair.

The Quickout is used everywhere where a reliable connection and if needed a quick release even under load is necessary. It is designed for secure load attachment – in particular for the carrying of persons – and is suitable for outdoor use.

Our quick release carabiner is established and proven in helicopter operations by police, army, mountain rescue and firefighters.

In paragliding sports, it allows the release of the glider when used with a steerable rescue system.

The simultaneous push of both lock buttons disconnects the pilot from the glider effortlessly. Safety trainings showed the release of the glider to be advantageous in the case of a rescue system deployment.

Aside from its advantages in the case of water- or tree landings and in strong wind conditions, the Quickout also offers superior handling compared to conventional paragliding carabiners.

*Many light harneses are not suitable with that biner due to it’s size. Take a look to Charly Paralock

Don’t doubt to ask us about the compatiblity

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Charly Quickout

Special carabiner that enables quick release under load

-Breaking load: 4.000 daN*, individually tested to 2.000 daN*

-No play in the gate, thus fatigue endurable without flight hour limitation for loads of up to 150 daN*!

-Multi-secured double button locking

-Replacement interval: 8 years without flight hour limitation

-Carabiner body drop-forged from Titanal, insert made of high-strength aluminum alloy 7075 T6

-Gewicht: 200 g/pc.

* 1 DAN (dekanewton) = 10 N (newton) ≈ 1 kg

Attention: The use with gliders featuring a speed pedal is only permitted in combination with a patent shackle release system (HKar14) or a Brummel hook release system (HKar141).



User’s Manual

Safety Note

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Weight0,5 kg
Dimensions10 × 15 × 5 cm


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